Thursday, 26 March 2015


 Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters.
  - Pandora Poikilos

Having said that, it is for me to acknowledge the fact that procrastination is the biggest factor when comes to depression. We loose sense of time. We are lethargic and onto ourselves most of the time.
When I was depressed I was simply waiting that this time would pass and then I will have a better
time for myself to get oriented well with my situation and work hard for the better. The problem with this approach is that we need an external stimulus to break the procrastination cycle. This is what keeps us chained in the habit of being depressed. I must say that depression is a habit. And, like any other habit it is binding too. It affects people who can bear too much, who are stubborn, who are hard on themselves. You keep on bearing until you break-down.

Lets get rid of this dependence on external stimulus and focus on internal motivations. No matter we seem like fools, we look idiots, its in our interest that we keep doing things which matter to us. May be in the slightest to the effect we want to create, we must work. Hey ! What's stopping us ?

Waiting for an external stimulus, waiting for the perfect time is stopping us. I say why not do it now, one bird at a time.

 We tend to fix a time frame to everything. A time frame that this event would happen in a few days, then that event in another few days/ months. And this frame continues while we wait for the best opportunity. This setting of time frame restricts us in many ways. Time is the most important commodity in the world. We cant' buy time unless we are talking metaphorically. 

Today, right now we need to think that this time frame is a made-up notion which gives laziness a chance to slip through. Better we make deadlines. I do it now for myself. I make deadlines. I try myself onto that. While being not too hard on myself, even If I fail, I mark that event as failed and celebrate my failure. Why should I feel sad when the life in its entirety is  a celebration itself?
I mark that failure for doing again, only if it is very-very important. Important as in important for survival or for a healthy career.

Then I move on to next to-do thing. And do it then and there. Instead of waiting for anything. That's Life.